Sicarius was created to embrace the unparalleled opportunities of the digital frontier. The boons of the industry - learning, expression, empowerment - are ours also. However, beyond that, we aim to grow a culture of positivity and inclusion. Collaboration and understanding.

We are not cogs in a machine, but a crew of passionate explorers looking to chart a technological landscape.


From simple business-fronts with eye-catching designs to in-depth e-commerce sites held up atop frameworks of account management, database transactions, and payment APIs, we can tailor our website solutions to your needs. With strong skills and experience in branding, design, and system architecture, Sicarius can confidently deliver the web-based hub that will propel your initiative forward.

Mobile App?

Application development, both web-based and native, is one of our numerous services. With a close client-collaboration we are able to construct, deploy, and maintain a myriad of applications with as straight-forward or as complex a suite of functionality as is required. Our team pride themselves on intuitive, efficient, and impressive solutions constructed with your needs in mind.

Bespoke Software?

Beyond the realms of web-based technology, Sicarius Limited has experience working with a medley of hardware and software – from geolocating, refrigerated temperature recording, delivery systems, to games programming, we possess are versatility of learning that renders us more than capable of taking on bespoke work for innovative solution. Just ask!

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Ellis Collinson

Marketing Director

I'm a Front-end developer and the Lead Graphic Designer for Sicarius, specializing in web and mobile solutions.
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Kieran Flitton

Project Manager

As Project Lead for Sicarius, I endeavour to ensure my team is equipped with the proper motivation and direction.
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Ryan Smith

Accounts Manager

I am a software developer, but more specifically I work on the implementation of front-end systems and UX design.
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Matthew Longstaff

Technical Lead

As System Architect, I strive to create smart, efficient, and dynamic systems to suit our client's specific needs.

Ask Our Friends...

"The Sicarius team acted were highly motivated and embodied the exact ideologies they had promised; hard work, resourcefulness and professionalism. In the short amount of time they had, they created an inventive solution to fix some of the key issues we had, had in the past. I would highly recommend the Sicarius team to anyone looking for a down to earth tech company and look forward to working with them in the future."

Chris Brown, O.D.I.N.

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